Dec. 8, 2015 11:57 a.m.

Oh jeez, its almost con time. Us Kiwicon Crue are running around frantically, so this'll probably be the last update to the site until after 'con. For real-time information, follow  comms channel TWTR

If you're in town already, the Malthouse is opening at midday to premiere the Kiwicon CYBEER, please don't drink it all before we get there. On Wednesday, we'll be setting up for Early Registration at Forward Operating Base MEOW from 2pm; pick up your tickets and merch here to avoid the queue on Thursday morning. 

Your final approach checklist:

  • Turn your Wifi and GSM off, or just leave your device at home if you're unsure of your ability to secure it (e.g. run android)
  • Read the Code of Conduct (tl;dr "dont' be a shitweasel")
  • Wear your badge visibly while in the venue
  • Doors open Thursday 0730 for an 0900 start
  • Cammo outfits and facepaint reccomended

See you in the trenches of CYBERWAR.


The Kiwicon Crue