LittleHackMe Bootcamp

Duration: half day

Wed 9th:

  • Free Morning: 15 spaces [ CLOSED ]
  • Free Afternoon: 15 spaces [ CLOSED ]


This is free training, but you are more than welcome to buy Nick a beer.

To bolster the initial offensive, a bootcamp will be available to give you the opportunity to become a cyber-grunt. In all seriousness, the aim of this training opportunity is to create a very open and easy-going introduction to web application security. If you wanted to dabble in web application security testing but didn't know where to start, then this is an excellent opportunity.

This is a similar theme to last year's LittleHackMe, however there are no presentations this year. Everything will be provided in video form for you to peruse at your own leisure to set your own pace. We will have people around to ask whatever question you may have.

There is a bit more emphasis on reducing the necessary working knowledge to make this the most accessible LittleHackMe so far. Anyone with web development experience is free to skip along a bit.

What to bring

All you need is a web browser, preferably on a laptop. Tablets and smartphones should work with at least some of the elements, but there are no guarantees.