Nov. 24, 2015 9:37 a.m.

Well shiieet.

That's a big ten-four on the "sold out" status of Kiwicon tickets.

We set a lofty goal of filling the St James theatre (of war) with hackers and we managed to do that in 29 days. We're expecting around 1400 cyber-warriors. Eep.

Merch sales are closed now - You can't order any more merch. You may be able to pick up a tshirt at the conference, but hoodies are not for sale, however we will have other interesting things for sale at the con so bring your cash money (no eftpos!)

In the meantime, why not book some training - there are still a few spots available on some courses.

We'll be sending a cyber-communication in the coming weeks giving updates on the things you need to know.

We're also including a "People's choice" cyber-talk slot in the schedule this year. See the event page for more info.